Music & Dance

An incredibly diverse line-up of artists with work that speaks on the ocean from a multiplicity of cultural experiences, brought to you in-person and livestreamed from the Foss Waterway Seaport at Tacoma Ocean Fest, 10am – 5pm June 6. Watch the replays here.

Puyallup Tribe

We are honored to have the Puyallup Tribe open the festival with a welcome and blessing, led by cultural director and elder Connie McCloud. This is tribal land since time immemorial and we honor their protection of the Salish Sea.

Trio Guadalevin

Named for the ancient river gorge that divides the city of Ronda in Andalusia. Trío Guadalevín explores the deep roots that stretch across the ocean and intermingle Indigenous, African, Arabic and European cultural expressions.

Gretchen Yanover

Aaahh…feel those silvery waves of looping electric cello wash over you….We love Gretchen Yanover, and we’re thrilled she’s back for Tacoma Ocean Fest 2021.

Cindy Renander

Deep, fluid, mysterious…the bass clarinet of Cindy Renander is like a musical ocean. Back from 2020, this Tacoma musician plays ethereal music inspired by the Salish Sea by local composers and more.

Deanna Riley

She hangs in the air, hair and silks swirling. Aerialist Deanna Riley of Vuelta La Luna circus is a festival favorite, bringing ocean-inspired aerials to the festival and Lantern Paddle.

Miho + Diego

This dynamic percussion duo is back for more spellbinding rhythms that cross the ocean from Japan to South America and back again, with love.

Guma Imahe

A Samoan dance troupe from the Asia Pacific Cultural Center, bringing island joy, stories, traditional music and dance.

Brass Band Northwest

Sail away, sail away, sail away…over the ocean, with Brass Band Northwest! Live for the first time in over a year, they play ocean favorites to wrap up the festival.