2021 Artists

  • Come see the art in-person all summer long at the Foss Waterway Seaport, home of Tacoma Ocean Fest! 705 Dock St, Tacoma WA 98402
  • 10am – 4pm Thur-Sun, with 4-8pm free third Thursdays
David Doubilet coral reef

David Doubilet + Jennifer Hayes: Two Worlds

Massive, immersive photographs that straddle the worlds over and beneath our ocean: the “Two Worlds” series by these National Geographic photographers and divers plunges you into waters from the Coral Sea to Antarctica.

Anna Matejcek: Spring Tide

Wander through tangled kelp, gaze up at aqua waves and get eye-to-eye with a crochet coral reef. Textile artist Anna Matejcek infuses her free-form crochet with the deep colors of Pacific Northwest waters.

Watch Anna’s OceanX talk on making “Spring Tide.”

June Sekiguchi: Pulse of the Ocean

A tumbling wave of paper-thin wood, flowing over white and blue walls. June Sekiguchi creates intricate, watery magic, with more community ocean crochet nearby.

Ocean Crochet

Two playful installations of ocean crochet by Tacoma artists Kelly Lynch and Kathleen Mitchell, added to by community members. Want to make your own ocean crochet to add? Click to find video workshop and details.

barnacle crochet on pilings
Barnacles by Kelly Lynch.


An incredibly diverse line-up of artists with work that speaks on the ocean from a multiplicity of cultural experiences. Watch the livestreams here.