2020 Artists

  • Virtual art tours, installation timelapses, photo galleries & artist talks
  • Meet the artists at Ocean Art Day, 10am – 2pm Oct. 17 at the Foss Waterway Seaport

Lourdes Jackson: Mural

In “Sure/Shore,” Tacoma muralist Lourdes Jackson creates a massive flowing ocean triptych painted on layers of silk and organza. Deeply immersive, it reflects on both underwater ocean life and human life above it.

pink jelly

Dean Burke: Photography

In “Tacoma and the Sea,” paddler, tourism CEO and photographer Dean Burke creates a wall-grid of his phenomenal underwater images that straddle the human and deep ocean world of suspended waves, billowing jellyfish, swimmers cocooned in frigid green water.

Fergus Hyke: Photography

Deeply rooted in his own connection to the water, Fergus Kanaiaupune Hyke is a Tacoman, Hawaiian, outrigger paddler and photographer whose installation “Connected” spans breathtaking sunset panoramas to intimate portraits of nesting peregrine falcons.


An incredibly diverse line-up of artists with work that speaks on the ocean from a multiplicity of cultural experiences. Includes: dancer Dakota Camacho (Matao/CHamoru), flutist Paul Chiyotken Wagner (Saanich), aerialist Deanna Riley, electric cellist Gretchen Yanover, the Steel Pan Ensemble from Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma Urban Performing Arts Company, Tacoma City Ballet, clarinetist Cindy Renander, Brass Band Northwest, filmmaker Annie Crawley and more.