Ocean science + protection

Eco-Booths are back for Tacoma Ocean Fest 2023 – cool interactive booths along the esplanade outside the Foss Waterway Seaport.

  • Meet locals who protect our waters, learn about their work, do a fun activity or hands-on science, and find out how YOU can protect the ocean.
  • Then collect Ocean Action stamps on your passport and turn in your pledge for a giveaway and prize draw at the Welcome Tent!

Eco-booth signups have now closed for 2023.


Southern Resident Soapery

With eco-friendly home and personal products made from local botanicals, the Southern Resident Soapery lives up to their name to make a big difference for our waters.
LEARN: How our buying choices help care for the ocean.
DO: Play the “Where Does Your Money Go” game
OCEAN ACTION: Avoid Chemicals.


University of Puget Sound Oikonos Lab

Oikonos does ecological research to inform planning, conserve wildlife and connect communities.
LEARN: How our actions affect wildlife.
DO: Make a seabird out of clay and learn to use a rangefinder.
OCEAN ACTION: Break Free From Plastic.

Tacoma Water

Tacoma Water makes sure everyone has enough clean water – people AND fish! They also work with returning adult salmon to help manage the fishery, and look forward to coming projects to improve downstream passage for smolts.
LEARN: How do forests create clean water?
DO: Touch animal biofacts and mystery boxes…
OCEAN ACTION: Protect Streams, Plant a Tree

Tacoma Public Utilities

TPU doesn’t just supply power, water and rail – they also protect stream habitat and support clean energy!
LEARN: Conserve power and water.
DO: Play the Salmon Plinko game!
OCEAN ACTION: Protect Streams, Support Clean Energy

Downtown On The Go

DOTG encourages car-free ways to explore the Tacoma downtown, from walking to cycling to transit, car-pools and more.
LEARN: To explore your city on foot.
DO: Explore all the non-car options!
OCEAN ACTION: Walk, Bike, Transit.

DOTG logo

South Sound Surfrider

South Sound Surfrider is the local chapter of an international organization that works for clean waters on our coasts. Locally they hold beach cleanups, speak up to our representatives, do water quality testing at 11 South Sound locations, and support Ocean Friendly Restaurants.
LEARN: How to keep beaches clean for people and animals alike.
DO: Help make a Beach Glass Octopus!
OCEAN ACTION: Clean up a beachBreak Free From Plastic

Pierce Conservation District & City of Tacoma Environmental Service

Pierce Conservation District works county-wide on habitat restoration, works with City of Tacoma Environmental Services to help businesses and homeowners reduce polluted stormwater runoff.
LEARN: To reduce your stormwater footprint.
DO: Play the Raindrop Plinko game!
OCEAN ACTION: Protect streams. Plant a Tree, Save Salmon & Orcas

Harbor Wild Watch

Harbor Wild Watch

With beachwalks and talks, Harbor Wild Watch offers fun and interactive ways to get adults and kids excited about the plants and animals that inhabit the Salish Sea, and how they can protect the local marine environment.
LEARN: To identify marine plants and animals.
DO: Skull Sleuth! Guess the sea animal from its skull…
OCEAN ACTION: Save Salmon & Orcas

Citizens Climate Lobby

Citizens Climate Lobby advocates for legislation to solve the climate crisis and create a sustainable planet for everyone.
LEARN: To speak up to leaders about climate.
DO: Make an Earth Fan.
OCEAN ACTION: Support Clean Energy.

drop in the ocean logo

A Drop in the Ocean

A Drop in the Ocean is a zero waste and sustainable living shop, providing unpackaged, refillable, or reusable products. They also provide education and resources to help everyday people live lighter on the planet, and host a summer ocean retreat.
LEARN: To break free from plastic.
DO: Coming soon!
OCEAN ACTION: Break Free From Plastic.

MaST Center Aquarium

The MaST Center eoffers free Discovery Days every Saturday from 10am-2pm for visitors to see 250+ native species in a flow-through aquarium and gallery. They inspire stewardship through classroom experiences, summer camps and volunteer teams.
LEARN: About our amazing Salish Sea wildlife!
DO: Touch marine mammal skulls and pelts
OCEAN ACTION: Save Salmon & Orcas

350 Tacoma logo

350 Tacoma

350 Tacoma educates the community about transitioning off fossil fuels and nourishing our world. They advocate for clean water, land and air.
LEARN: To speak to your City Council!
DO: A spinning wheel game for tree seedlings and other fun prizes, plus drawing your vision for a green world.
OCEAN ACTION: Support Clean Energy. Plant a Tree, Break Free from Plastic

Tacoma Tree Foundation

Tacoma Tree Foundation plants and shares trees around our city, helping us understand that everything is connected: people, plants, animals and ocean.
LEARN: To plant trees and care for community.
DO: Tree sidewalk chalking on the Esplanade!
OCEAN ACTION: Plant a Tree.

Tacoma Tree logo

Foss Waterway Seaport logo

Foss Waterway Seaport Eco-Kayaking

The Foss Waterway Seaport leads Tacoma 7th-graders on amazing kayak adventures on local waters, doing marine science and learning how to protect habitat.
LEARN: About plankton and ecosystems.
DO: Look at plankton under a microscope!
OCEAN ACTION: Save Salmon, Orcas & More

Tacoma Boat Builders

Tacoma Boat Builders works to create opportunities for youth to connect with and learn about the ocean through boating on the Thea Foss Waterway on human-powered boats and canoes.
LEARN: About human powered watercraft.
DO: Decorate wooden cutouts of marine creatures from the Salish Sea.
OCEAN ACTION: Save Salmon, Orcas & More

Center for Biological Diversity

Working with national, frontline and Indigenous- led coalitions to end the era of fossil fuels, the Center challenges projects and processes that threaten endangered marine species, fighting against offshore drilling and plastic production.
LEARN: How to act to protect orcas from toxic and noise pollution.
DO: Paint an orca or salmon onto a giant ecosystem canvas.
OCEAN ACTION: Save Salmon, Orcas & More

Pierce County Health Dept.

So many programs to help the ocean! Natural yard care emphasizes proper plant care and wise water and fertilizer use to protect the environment. EnviroStars encourages businesses to reduce waste and go green. Dirt Alert offers free soil testing and information to help families reduce risks from chemicals in soil.
LEARN: Reduce chemical use and go green.
DO: Make a bookmark
ACTION: Avoid Chemicals

Washington Scuba Alliance

Washington Scuba Alliance works to create sustainable marine environments through advocacy, conservation and education.
LEARN: How they are removing toxic tires from Puget Sound and restoring eelgrass beds.
DO: Play the tire fishing game!
ACTION: Save Salmon, Orcas & More

Cascade Game Foundry

Cascade Game Foundry brings the ever-popular Infinite Scuba, a scuba diving simulation game to show people what it’s like to be a diver and to raise awareness of ocean environmental issues. INSIDE

Indivisible Tacoma

Advocating and collaborating for stronger environmental legislation, they also engage citizens in speaking up and voting for earth-friendly policy.
LEARN: How to speak up to protect our ocean!
DO: Get a free pin and find out how to vote
ACTION: Support Clean Energy

Puget Sound Revels

Known for flinging joy and creating a stage show and community singing events, the Puget Sound Revels are also advocates for recycling and upcycling, especially in the arts.
LEARN: How to reuse creatively
DO: Make art from upcycled materials (INSIDE)
ACTION: Reduce Plastic

UWT Gardell Lab

The Gardell Lab at the University of Washington Tacoma researches an invasive species of sea squirt common to local marinas. Come see their work on Botryllus schlosseri (star tunicate) and environmental stressors of local marine systems.
LEARN: About star tunicate science
DO: See specimens through a stereomicroscope and help make a mural for UWT! (INSIDE)