Ocean science + protection

Eco-Booths are back for Tacoma Ocean Fest 2022, with cool interactive booths along the esplanade outside the Foss Waterway Seaport. Meet locals who protect our waters, learn about their work, do a fun activity or hands-on science, and find out how YOU can protect the ocean. Then collect Ocean Action stamps on your passport for a giveaway from the Welcome Tent!

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Explore our 2021 booths

City of Tacoma Stormwater

Water that runs off off pavement goes down drains and into the Sound. The City’s stormwater division wants to keep it as clean as possible – and art can help! Vote for your favorite design and watch them mark up a drain at 12:30pm near the food trucks!
LEARN: Where does stormwater go?
DO: Stormwater drain markup demo.
OCEAN ACTION: Protect Streams

Tacoma Public Utilities

TPU doesn’t just supply power, water and rail – they also protect stream habitat and support clean energy!
LEARN: Conserve power and water.
DO: Touch river animal/plant biofacts, spot camoflaged wildlife in photos.
OCEAN ACTION: Protect Streams

Southern Resident Soapery

With eco-friendly home and personal products, the Southern Resident Soapery lives up to their name to make a big difference for our waters.
LEARN: To use soap, shampoo and cleaning products to care for the ocean.
DO: Coming soon!
OCEAN ACTION: Avoid Chemicals.

DOTG logo

Downtown On The Go

DOTG encourages car-free ways to explore the Tacoma downtown, from walking to cycling to transit, car-pools and more.
LEARN: To explore your city on foot.
DO: Coming soon!
OCEAN ACTION: Walk, Bike, Transit.


University of Puget Sound Oikonos Lab

Oikonos does ecological research to inform planning, conserve wildlife and connect communities. Lead biologist Peter Hodum is our 1pm speaker!
LEARN: How our actions affect wildlife.
DO: See seabird specimens and use an infra-red camera to probe a puffin “burrow.”
OCEAN ACTION: Break Free From Plastic.

Surfrider foundation logo

South Sound Surfrider

South Sound Surfrider is the local chapter of an international organization that works for clean waters on our coasts. Locally they hold beach cleanups, speak up to our representatives and support Ocean Friendly Restaurants.
LEARN: How to keep beaches clean for people and animals alike.
DO: Count the cigarette butts in the jar!
OCEAN ACTION: Clean up a beach.

Pierce Conservation District

Pierce Conservation District works county-wide on habitat restoration, reducing stormwater runoff, shoreline restoration and environmental education.
LEARN: To reduce your stormwater footprint.
DO: Play the raindrop Plinko game!
OCEAN ACTION: Protect streams.

Audubon society logo

Tahoma Audubon Society

Tahoma Audubon is all about protecting and celebrating wildlife – especially birds! With events, workshops and wild places they help connect us with our avian friends.
LEARN: Discover our local seabirds, learn how to support their habitat.
DO: Play the water cycle game!
OCEAN ACTION: Protect streams.

Harbor Wild Watch

Harbor Wild Watch

With beachwalks and talks, Harbor Wild Watch offers fun and interactive ways to get adults and kids excited about the plants and animals that inhabit the Salish Sea, and how they can protect the local marine environment.
LEARN: To identify marine plants and animals.
DO: Skull Sleuth! Guess the sea animal from its skull…
OCEAN ACTION: Save Salmon, Orcas & More

tacoma public library logo

Tacoma Public Library

Tacoma Public Library is bringing a quiet story corner to Ocean Fest! Come read an ocean book and take a calm moment. Then explore all the events at the library’s Summer Reading Series: Oceans of Possibilities! INSIDE.
LEARN: How to learn about the ocean in books.
DO: Hear a story, do origami or sensory play.

Citizens Climate Lobby

Citizens Climate Lobby advocates for legislation to solve the climate crisis and create a sustainable planet for everyone.
LEARN: To speak up to leaders about climate.
DO: Spinner wheel Q&A.
OCEAN ACTION: Support Clean Energy.

Hilltop Heritage Middle School

The science classes at Hilltop Heritage Middle School rock! Not only do they study water quality, clean up beaches and educate our community on the plastic problem, they’re also working to get solar power for their school.
LEARN: To break free from plastic.
DO: Coming soon!
OCEAN ACTION: Break Free From Plastic.

Good Morning Trees

Local author and doctor Aisha Nnoli comes in person to show you her newest book “Good Morning Trees”! Perfect for under-10s, it explains how the ocean helps fight climate change – and how we can help. INSIDE.
LEARN: How to reduce your emissions and slow climate change.
DO: The greenhouse gas demo & game!
OCEAN ACTION: Plant a Tree.

350 Tacoma logo

350 Tacoma

350 Tacoma believes in an equitable, green, fossil-free future for all. Locally they are taking action against the new LNG facility in the Port of Tacoma and working to restore a piece of salt marsh.
LEARN: To speak to your City Council!
DO: A spinning wheel game for fun prizes, plus a scoop-the-plastic tub.
OCEAN ACTION: Support Clean Energy.

Tacoma Tree logo

Tacoma Tree Foundation

Tacoma Tree Foundation plants and shares trees around our city, helping us understand that everything is connected: people, plants, animals and ocean.
LEARN: To plant trees and care for community!
DO: Take home a plant and do a tree-craft.
OCEAN ACTION: Plant a Tree.

SR 3 logo

Sealifer 3

SR3 Sealife Response, Rehab and Research frees whales entangled in fishing gear, delivers second chances for sick and injured seals, and monitors the health of endangered species like the Southern Resident killer whales. They inspires the community to take action for the ocean.
LEARN: To change your daily habits to protect the ocean.
DO: Discover how a sea otter stays warm, check out the biggest vertebrae you have ever seen and more!
OCEAN ACTION: Save Salmon, Orcas & More

Grit City Coop logo

Grit City Co-Op

Grit City Co-op is creating a community-driven food cooperative on the Hilltop. By offering local, organic food at affordable prices, they are supporting agriculture that protects the ocean by reducing emissions and runoff.
LEARN: About local organic farming.
DO: A fun food quiz.
OCEAN ACTION: Eat Ocean-Friendly.

Endangered Species Coalition

The Endangered Species Coalition works to protect ocean species (especially salmon and orcas) through education, clean-ups and kayaktivism.
LEARN: About endangered ocean species.
DO: Chalk art, bookmarks and coloring pages, plus a salmon windsock selfie photo-op.
OCEAN ACTION: Save Salmon, Orcas & More

city of Tacoma ESD logo

City of Tacoma Solid Waste

Where does your waste go? Find out from the City’s recycling experts how to reduce your waste and single-use plastic, and how to recycle right!
LEARN: How to reduce waste
DO: Play Sort the Sound!
ACTION: Break Free From Plastic

wec logo

Washington Environmental Council

WEC works to protect, restore and sustain Washington’s environment for us all, with clean air, clean water, sustainable forests and environmental justice.
LEARN: To join in!
DO: Coming soon.
ACTION: Save Salmon, Orcas & More, Protect Streams

Washington Scuba Alliance

Washington Scuba Alliance works to create sustainable marine environments through advocacy, conservation and education.
LEARN: How they are removing toxic tires from Puget Sound and restoring eelgrass beds.
DO: The tire fishing game!
ACTION: Save Salmon, Orcas & More