OceanX Talks

Hear an artist, scientist or ocean activist, livestreamed at Tacoma Ocean Fest, June 6, 2021. Be inspired, learn something new.

2021 Speakers

Carl Safina: Scientist, international author, activist

Carl Safina’s lyrical non-fiction writing (Beyond Words, Becoming Wild, Song for the Blue Ocean and more) explores how humans are changing the living world, and what the changes mean for non-human beings and for us all. His work fuses scientific understanding, emotional connection, and a moral call to action.

Hozoji Matheson-Margullis: Diver, scientist, musician

Hozoji Matheson-Margullis is a Puyallup Tribal member who has worked with the tribe’s shellfish department since 2010. Her recent focus has been diving to survey populations of commercially harvested species in Puget Sound. She also works in conjunction with University of Washington Tacoma and Harbor Wild Watch on a variety of projects aimed towards understanding and protecting our waters and their inhabitants. She is currently earning a degree at University of Washington, Tacoma in Environmental Science with a focus on Marine Ecology. A working musician since 2001, Hozoji pursues her love of music and live performance while doing work that nurtures her love for the Salish Sea.

Maria Teresa Gámez: Community conservation activist

Maria Teresa Gámez connects communities around conservation. From a biodiversity nonprofit in her native Colombia to the Swan Creek Community Action group, from recycling ambassador to Tacoma tree advocate, Maria shows how healthy communities lead to healthy land and oceans.

Livestreamed in English, replay in Spanish coming soon.