Submit here for 2021! There are three separate steps, each with their own web page. You’ll be directed to the next step when you’ve completed the one before.

Step 1: Fill out the submission form below and upload your poem/film file or URL. Fields with an asterisk* are required.

Step 2: Upload a signed consent release from a parent or legal guardian, or complete it online as directed. If you think you will need more time, please download the pdf here and get it signed in advance.

Step 3: If you completed the release online, your parent/guardian will have to confirm via the email sent to them. That’s important. Otherwise, if you uploaded a signed pdf, you are done. 

Youth Story Contest submission

  • We will send your entrant pizza coupon here. So make sure it is an address where you will get the mail!
  • Please enter a number from 6 to 12.
  • Please enter a number from 10 to 19.
  • (If submitting as a team for film, please list all other people involved with name, age and role in film.)
  • NOTE: ONLY students with Tacoma-area or Chief Leschi affiliations may enter. Includes private, public or homeschooled.
    Choose with whichever you identify with. Ethnicity will not be told to judges - it's for data purposes only.
    Choose all with which you identify. Race will not be told to judges - it is for data purposes.
  • (e.g. teacher, librarian, principal)
  • (Sponsor MUST be responsive to this email.)
  • Entry Submission

    In one of the fields below, please upload your file or paste the URL.
  • (please make sure your video is set to "public" and that it has fully loaded.)
  • Accepted file types: doc, docx.
    (Word doc or docx only)