Story Resources


Learn how to make movies

  • Free filmmaker Q&A:

Interested in a filmmaker Q&A at your school? Teachers should contact Katy Evans at The Grand Cinema,

  • Check out equipment for free:

The Main Branch of Tacoma Public Library has a Digital Media Lab where you can learn about and borrow film equipment. You can check out video cameras, tripods, audio recorders and reserve a computer with movie editing software: find out more here.

  • Moviemaking 101 websites:

Westbury Arts

WikiHow Make a Short Film

48 Film Project 5 Rules to Remember

No Film School 9 Tips

Cinescopophilia Making Films on your Cell Phone

Learn how to write a poem

  • Check out these sites on poetry writing for beginners:

WikiHow Poetry for Beginners

Poetry Foundation


Learn about the ocean and plastic trash

  • The facts about the ocean trash problem:

NOAA Marine Trash

  • Annie Crawley (Ocean Fest speaker and filmmaker):

Inspiring ocean videos, plus the Great Pacific Garbage Patch at

Ocean Fest speaker and filmmaker Annie Crawley

The problem with plastic in the ocean:

Annie Crawley’s Refuse Single-Use Plastic Challenge

Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium Going Plastic-Free

Learn about chemical and oil pollution in Puget Sound

Puget Sound Keeper: The Problem with Pollution


Learn about microplastics in Puget Sound

Center for Urban Waters, scroll to videos, “UW 360”:


And you should enter in other competitions, too!

From the Bow Seat, an international ocean awareness contest with a $1,000 – $1,500 first prize

National Young Arts Foundation