Story Resources

Ocean inspiration; how-to’s for filmmaking, poetry, ocean science, free workshops and more!

TEACHERS: Find the downloadable Youth Story Contest Teacher Packet, shareable poster and graphics and the overview Powerpoint in this Google folder.

STUDENTS: Watch our video workshops, and come to a Marine Biologist Beachwalk (March 2022)! Then start by exploring the top ocean issues and how to take action.


hands filming on beachwalk

Get up close and learn with free workshops and beachwalks.

Poetry 101

girl poetry waterfront

Learn to write a poem from online links and how-to’s.

Ocean Science

jellyfish web

Learn about marine biology, pollution, climate change and species extinction.

Filmmaking 101

Learn how to make a film with online how-tos, links and library resources.

Learning Standards

boy reading poem

Art, science, technology and English standards met by Youth Story Contest entries.