2022 Finalists

Announcing — the 2022 Youth Story Contest finalists!

Congratulations, everyone! Finalist poems and winning films will be featured here on our website and social media through 2023. Prizes were awarded live at Tacoma Ocean Fest on June 12, 2022. Scroll to see the work of these amazing poets and filmmakers!

High School Poetry

1st place: Ashtin Roy (Curtis)
2nd place: Joy LaMountain (SOTA)
3rd place: Vanessa Sarmiento (Lincoln)
Finalists: Yulan Suk (SOTA), Isa Cooper (SAMi), Lauren McTernan (Stadium), Cordelia Marcus (Stadium), Georgia Kerr (SOTA), Sophia Dopp (SOTA), Alicia Dyer (SOTA)

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Middle School Poetry

1st place: Audrey Miller (Hilltop Heritage)
2nd place: Imogen Nowak (Wainwright)
3rd place: Eleanor Driskell-Winkelman (Hilltop Heritage)
Finalists: Bridget Robinson-Hallberg (Hilltop Heritage), Aven Robinson (Hilltop Heritage), Natalie Law (Hilltop Heritage), Shavaya Barnes (Hilltop Heritage), Julia Gordon (Meeker), Jonah Citron (Hilltop Heritage), Maya Williams, (Hilltop Heritage)

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High School Film

1st place: Emelia Gibson (SOTA)
2nd place: Ezra Hooyer & Wenyi Zheng (SOTA)
3rd place: Jamae Clemons (SOTA)
Finalists: Abigail Poss (Lincoln), Bianca Williams, River Nichols & Dayza’nay Hamilton (SOTA), Numori Monteith (SOTA)

Middle School Film

1st place: Malachi Valenzuela (Hilltop Heritage)
2nd place: Jack Bann, Finn Brennan, Ryan Galloway (Hilltop Heritage)
3rd place: Sam Bulldis, Mike Bulldis, Abe Cooper (Hilltop Heritage)
Finalists (all from Hilltop Heritage): Charlie Bakker, Madison Kord, Marley Cournoyer, Ava Higashi, Lucy Heaton, Sophia Battersby, Whitney Beck, Oskar Koontz, Tobey Jonson, Evan Hilton