2019 Finalists

Congratulations to all the finalists for 2019! You’ll be displaying/screening/reading your work live at Ocean Fest on June 9, and receiving a certificate from council member Ryan Mello. He’ll also announce and award prizes for first, second and third place – don’t miss it!

High School Poetry:

Annika Christensen (Annie Wright), Hadyn Fernholz-Hartman (Stadium), McKenna Logan (Bellarmine), Syncear Loyd (Lincoln), Nelly Ramos-Laguna (Bellarmine), Bianka Roberts (Lincoln), Hye Seung Lee (Bellarmine), Rosemary Sissel (Foss), Keven Sum (Lincoln), Aaliyah Walton (Lincoln)

Middle School Poetry:

Niko Ayala (Jason Lee), Gretchen Bonea (Jason Lee), Tristan Castillo (Chief Leschi), Zoe Lockley (Jason Lee), Freda Nichols (Chief Leschi), Tameem Sarwary (Chief Leschi), Zach Shelver (homeschool), Charlotte Southworth (Truman), Quinn Sukys (Jason Lee), Mackenzie Walker (Truman)

High School Film:

Isaac Barnett (Lincoln), Anna Nguyen (SAMi), Halo Semaia (Lincoln), Megan Van (Foss)

Middle School Film:

Myles Johnson (Jason Lee), Melina Lok (Jason Lee), Sophie Shorten (Meeker), Kyla Spencer (Jason Lee), Tayden Swank (homeschool), Anna Wilson (Jason Lee)

High School Graph:

Alena Lewis (Bellarmine), Natalie Miller (Lincoln)

Middle School Graph:

Greenlie Bray (Jason Lee), Ava Skolrud (Jason Lee)

Come see their work and prizes awarded live at Ocean Fest!

1:30pm poetry, 2:30pm film, 3:45pm graph

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