Fergus Hyke


In Connected, local artist Fergus Hyke explores the interconnections between marine life and human life that allow the two to co-exist. Hyke has a lifelong bond with the Pacfic Ocean; one that began with a childhood growing up on Oahu (he is of Hawaiian descent), and continues to this day at his home in the South Sound. The photographer will patrol the Tacoma waterfront at all hours in wait for the perfect, split-second confluence of light and subject to fill his lens. 

The Salish Sea and the Cascade Range offer up unpredictable gifts, Hyke says. One such exuberant image is of a kingfisher flipping a fish up in the air and catching it in its beak: “It’s in those moments that something just presents itself and I go down that rabbit hole. It’s fantastic.” Inside the complex local ecosystem, species such as peregrine falcons have found a way to live beside human neighbors who work in nearby skyscrapers and utilize the waterfront for recreation. Clean, healthy waters are vital to both.

Hyke has lived in the Northwest since 1976. He owns a business, Kanaiaupune Photography, and is president of Kikaha o Ke Kai, a local Hawaiian outrigger canoe club. The photographs in Connected were taken between 2015-2020.



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