Avoid Chemicals in Your Home and Yard

Avoid Chemicals in Home/Yard
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When we use chemical fertilizers or pesticides in our yard, the toxic chemicals wash into drains and down into Puget Sound.

The same thing happens to chemical cleaners used inside.

Those toxins are then absorbed by fish and other marine life.

They build up so much in our resident orcas that when they die, they are considered hazardous waste. Eventually, the toxins make their way into our food and water.


• Buy or make organic cleaners to use inside your home e.g. vinegar, baking soda, organic soap, tea tree oil
• Deal with yard weeds and pests organically. Hand-pull weeds and mulch to prevent more. Use organic sprays.
• Fertilize with compost, organic matter or mulch.
• Plant natives that thrive without chemical help.