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Did you miss Ocean Fest? Our art is still up through July 20, including River Meschi’s shimmering sand painting and digital prints, and the massive Youth Story Project mural!

Don’t miss the July 20 deinstallation Ocean Sand Painting Party – click for details.


What an incredible weekend we had! Three amazing events full of art, music, dance, poetry, science, water fun and ocean action, all bringing our community together to celebrate the ocean, learn about its threats and protect it.
Here’s what happened! (and scroll for upcoming events…)

Fri June 2

Over 600 people came to make lanterns, hear music, do and watch circus and watch 100 paddlers creating a magical twilight moment with illuminated boats and puppets! What a way to celebrate all endangered species…

Sat June 3

Around 150 people roamed the Tacoma waterfront to pick up trash, hunt for glass eggs, make a trash whale mural, hear Hawaiian music and help the ocean! We picked up 540 lbs of trash, including a shopping cart and tons of Styrofoam…


A fantastic festival full of shimmering art, stunning circus, dance, music, speakers, science and more! Over 2,500 people came to celebrate with 97 artists, learning from 25 eco-booths, adding hundreds of droplets to the Youth Story Project, eating yummy food and connecting to our ocean and each other. Woohoo!!

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“Maybe we each are only able to do something small, but if all of us do something small, together we can accomplish something great.

– Vidal Rojas, Tacoma community leader

Our festival and most of its activities happen on traditional lands of the Puyallup people, who live here and speak the Lushootseed language. We lift our hands to them and honor their elders and their continued protection of the Salish Sea.